Nigeria as a sovereign nation was granted its independence on October 1, 1960. Nigerians gathers to perform their normal rites by celebrating mediocrity instead of greatness. Tracing back to 58 Yeats ago when the country gained independence from Britain, Nigeria’s glory was at its peak. But as time went by, the nations glory was crumbled to feet and left in shambles. The nation’s economy has been reduce to ruin and is left to blink to death if proper measure are not put in place.

At 58 years, Nigeria is not yet on her feet to path of sustainable development and progress. The country’s over – dependence on oil is one of the major setback. The money accrue on oil sales are not well spent or shared among the 36 states. At independence, Nigeria had three regions that had more or less semi – autonomous power which are the Western , Eastern, and Northern regions. Despite the fact that the Northern region is much more bigger than the other two regions, development and growth still occurred. The North relied on groundnuts, the West relied on cocoa ant the East on coal, rubber and oil palm. Should we say the creation of more states wreak havoc to our economy? No, the driving force behind the wheel does.

What are we celebrating at 58? Is it the falling standard of education? Gone are those days that education is free and was of great quality. The Nigerian educational structure has experienced a volcanic rupture, only fragments are left. The budgeted amount for educational sector have been mismanaged by corrupt minds. Only the rich and politicians children get quality education by sending their wards abroad, financing their education from the nation’s purse. As there are no free education, people drop out of schools as a result of the inability to pay exorbitant amount as school fees. Statistically, Nigeria has over 10 million out – of – school children. Is there a cause to celebrate?.

What are we celebrating at 58? Is it the change mantra of this administration that promise to fight corruption but its leadership is built on that?. The so called change administration led the country to recession. Its lowest decline since 1987. Corruption is the order of the day in this administration that one of it s manifestoes is to tackle corrupt practices. There is impunity for any government officials that belong to the change mantra (Party). Members from other parties suffers from the whip of the agency put in place to fight corruption. Is there a cause to celebrate?.

Despite the fact that Nigeria’s name rang a bell as the giant of Africa before now, it is still crawling, struggle to crawl through path of development. Different challenges rises everyday ranging from kidnapping for ransom, kidnapping for rituals, Herdsmen killing, militancy, armed robbery and so on. Aside from these, different records are been broken by Nigeria. Nigeria wins laurels for negative reasons. The country emerged as the country with the highest number of poor people in the world, surpassing India. Nigeria had about 87 million people living in abject poverty compare to India 73 million. Instead of us to find a way to eradicate the poser, we are still claiming  that Democratic Republic of Congo will soon take over. Is there a cause to celebrate?

Looking into the future, there is still hope for Nigeria. If we the oppressed can demand for freedom, everything will be in order. In his words, Martin Luther King Jr quote ” Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor, it must be demanded by the oppressed”. If our leader put an end to tribalism and nepotism in selection, corruption, personal aggrandisement and so on. We the masses should see ourselves as one irrespective of our tribes. That will make us to have a strong voice. Nelson Mandela said ” The world will not respect Africa until Nigeria earns that respect. The black people of the world need Nigeria to be great as a source of pride and confidence”. The ball is in our court.

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