Education as the word Implies, ‘is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs and habits’. It is in different form like story telling, discussion, teaching, training, and directed research. This is according to Wikipedia.

As history has its place, education in Nigeria is as old as the country in multiple times. Even before the Europeans brought it to the country. Initially, education was brought in early 1840’s but before then, education has become parts and parcel of Nigerians before the Western form of education was introduced.

Nigerians cherish education so much in those days that the adults gathered small children and pass some knowledge into them but in informal way. Most of the teachings then were about works, social life, arts and culture, how to live in life which can also be taught in schools. They were first introduced to that before the invention of Western style of education.

However, not that they were able to read and write but they have fundamental knowledge about their social belief and cultures. The Europeans came and build on what they met on ground elaborately (expanded form) and they were also taught on how to read and write according to the Western method. They introduced English language as a form teachings and communication in schools.

Though, education started in Nigeria in 1840’s but this was at the primary level. Remember, this was not done by the colonial masters, Britain. They only start to support after some years before they take full control in. It was first achieved by the Christian missionaries who came from different part of the world for gospel preaching. They managed the educational system in their own respective philosophies. They thought the only way to communicate with people is to teach them their own style of education.

The primary form of education continues to exist until 1859 when the secondary education was introduced in Nigeria. The first secondary school in Nigeria was the C.M.S Grammar School in Lagos. The secondary education also exist for as long as 73 years before higher education (tertiary) was introduced. The first institution in Nigeria was the Yaba Higher College which was established in 1932 but commenced studies in 1934.

Since then, education continues to grow in Nigeria, many more schools were built. Large numbers of student gained admission into different school of their choice and also large number of students graduate every year.

But as sweet as the history of education was in Nigeria, the standard of education in schools then can never be compared to what we have now. Everything has nosedived. Different problem arises in which the government fail to tackle.


Here are some of the problems ravaging the country’s education.


This is the major problem facing Nigeria education system. Most government schools are not properly funded either by the Federal, State, and Local government. Out of the 8.6 trillion budget for 2018, only 7.04% is allocated for education. Without proper funding, there will be absence of good teaching materials, poor infrastructure and so on.


This another major setback for education in Nigeria. Many governmental fund have been diverted for personal use and also there are issues of mismanagement of funds. Aside these, lecturers collect bribe from students before they give them grades. Money is been used in exchange of good grades. There are also some illicits act been carried out by lecturers like demanding for sex from female students before giving them marks. This cuts across all level of education in Nigeria.


Most Nigerian schools (Government owned) starting from primary to tertiary institutions are in shambles. There are some with dilapidated buildings everywhere. Some basic learning equipment are not adequate. Libraries are not flooded with needed materials for learning. These will make students to lag behind other students in another country.


The level of indiscipline is so high in some Nigerian schools. Different secret societies arises everyday killing each other . Aside from that, there are numerous cases of examination malpractices, paying for good grades or certificates, bribery or sexual needs to pass exams and so on.


Teaching aid like computers, books, projectors, video and so on are not provided for teachers to use. All these things help in expatiating further on some teachings.

To unravel these posers before us, government need to tackle the aforementioned problem because, education has become sour in the minds of students in Nigeria. Graduates of Nigerian universities cannot compete with graduates of American, British universities. Even some African countries education is better than Nigeria own, they spend more of their country’s budget on education. Something needs to be done.

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