Before writing further on this topic, I would like to discuss what racism is all about. According to Wikipedia, ‘Racism is the belief in the superiority of one race over another, which often results in discrimination and prejudice towards people based on their race or ethnicity‘. The characteristics or social behavior of human being made them to be grouped or subdivided in different categories seeing one group as inferior and the other as superior. We are all created into this world for a purpose, why segregating ourselves. I don’t know if there is any joy we derive in discriminating each other.

However, the issue of racial discrimination is a common attribute of the Europeans and Americans, the Northern side to be precise. This is not the case anymore because racism is a problem to deal with in Africa now. It has spread to some African countries now especially the Northern side of African territory. We now see one country as superpower ahead of another within the same African region. We all have the same ancestral route no matter what they do.

Lest I forget, Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia have once claimed that they are not from African continent. Even up till now, they see themselves as being from the middle-East. They partners with other Arabians and Europeans countries both on import and export. Why are they doing this? Is it because of their skin color? Let’s forget about skin color, we share colonial past together and this serve as a glue that bind us together as being Africans. There is similarities in some of our social lifestyle- Music, footballing and others. One thing they fail to know is that some things are irrefutable and North Africa being part of Africa is part of it. Why are we playing African cup of nation together? Very funny though.

Moreover, lets accept that the Northern Africans are doing this because of their skin color and how closer they are to Europe. What is the cause of that with other African countries with the same dark skin color. Let me trace the date back to 2015, the South-Africans attacked many nationals of other countries living in the country. They claimed that they took over their jobs, their wives and they enjoy benefits from their government. Is this an excuse for killing? They looted other African stores, dragged them across the street. Unity we stand, not divided we fall should be our motto.

Aside from the one that happened in South-Africa; there was once a time in 2004 that the Young Patriots of Abidjan, Cote D’Ivoire, a nationalist organisation rallied against foreign officials. They called for violence against the whites and non-Ivorian. For the world to know how serious they are, they broadcast it on national radio and TV. They destroyed properties, raped, beat and murdered anybody that are of European and Lebanese descent. In the case of Europeans and Lebanese, it should be called tit-for-tat but it is not good to hearing because Africans are not born to be cruel.

Currently, there is an ongoing case in Libya where other Africans are been sold as slave. Migrants that want to pass through Libya to Europe are been captured for slavery, selling them to farm owners at a meager amount of money. These people are in search of greener pastures but instead, they are use to serve as scapegoats to others that want to make the attempt. Libya is now like hell fire for other Africans to live. There is nobody to account for this or to stop them because the country is not stable politically.

Aside from Libya where the issue of racism and slavery occur, there are some other African countries where slavery is still rampant. Do you know that some part of Mauritania still practice slavery despite the fact that it was banned in 1981?. Sudan is also part of this in which the Sudanese government argued that slavery was a product of inter-tribal warfare which they had no control on. What a shameful act. Egypt, SouthAfrica, D.R Congo are also part of this. Most of those slaves are subjected to commercial sexual exploitation, forced labor, human trafficking, debt bondage and forced marriage.

None of the government of these countries proffer solution to the issue of slavery. I think the apartheid era that South-Africa pass through still bring about racism and slavery. Human being are been sold in market where goods and commodities should be sold. This is indeed callousness.

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